We care about work

In line with the previous edition, devoted to exemplary lives, in 2015 we will reflect on one of the most important dimensions of life, that is work, in order to try to reconsider its productive character. In short, work in its broadest, complex and bewitching sense: as a vocation, as a tool for social and individual empowerment, and – why not? – as a potential source of pleasure.

On the topic of work, we think that public debate has been more and more replaced by controversy: the categories frequently used, the vocabulary, the concepts of this field have not been renewed – they chase the world, they cannot anticipate it. We are witnessing an on-going clash on the field of compromise and poor relations between social partners, as a result of the lack of new synthesis, new ideas. We struggle to see a way out, a light at the end of the tunnel. In our private lives, we are too often pessimistic, almost resigned.
It is essential to reverse the trend, to reflect on work endeavouring to take a new view of it. Some thinkers, entrepreneurs, storytellers are beginning to develop new strategies, pioneering renewal, but often they are not given the attention they merit. It is with them that we want to continue our journey this year.

First of all, some fundamental questions should be answered: what is work? How is it changing? What can we do? What do we want to do? Can work still be a choice of life? How? It is necessary to restart from the equation Democracy-Work, the legacy left to us by the drafters of the Constitution by Article 1 of the Italian Constitution. We have to get used to implement this value in production and daily life and to give visibility to practical experiments which are achieving success in this direction.
There is a need to talk again about vocations, ability, craft, work-life reconciliation, work as an expression of life. In our country, and more generally in the Mediterranean region, these phenomena are particularly evident: the Mediterranean region itself is the outcome of a thousand-year stratification of cultures, knowledge, traditions, arts, crafts, styles, the ability to move head, hands and heart in harmony with each other. This is what distinguishes Italy from the rest of the world. This is – above all – absolutely unique and irreplaceable.
Our country is still a priceless treasure trove, both tangible and intangible, despite decades of negligence. It is still where ethics and aesthetics can be intertwined, where work (seen as craft vocation and not only as “job”) can potentially become a new bridge between person, society, nature, economy and thinking. This must be taken into account, rediscovered and reaffirmed.

It is with humility and ambition that we want to promote movement of good ideas, give visibility to new positive experiences, build a bridge between traditions and future and sow – together with all the participants – the seeds of renewal. Culture is our preferred instrument: we consider it to be an enzyme which may trigger a new form of growth and innovative processes, a set of initiatives which can have a positive impact on citizens’ active time, and not only on their free time. We consider it to be a part of everyday life, a voice which can reach and inspire suburbs. A resource which is increasingly less subject to the logic of the “event”, isolated and episodic, however spectacular it may be.
We can, or rather we must restart from books. If we do not dream, we cannot open up new perspectives and explore new avenues. Ultimately, we do not create new employment. This year we would like to promote reading on these topics – that we can no longer put off addressing – reflecting, getting moved and having fun.