The Association was founded in Sardinia, in March 2004, and has a flair for cooperation, mobility and contamination of languages, such as storytelling, photography, illustration, architecture, music and films.
The working group is multiskilled, a network of qualified professionals and collaborations whose roots and branches are growing – Regions of Calabria, Lazio, Piedmont, Tuscany, Veneto and Sicily – to manage every phase of the cultural work with a cross-cutting and adaptable approach.
The collective commitment is aimed at looking continuously for innovative ideas which may be useful to the territory, focusing on cultural growth and welcoming what comes from outside and can enrich us, for a constructive exchange. We share considered and consistent choices and the concept of culture as a resource, an opportunity for growth, for understanding reality. We raise important issues and organise activities enabling the participants to appreciate their quality and logical and temporal evolution, paying special attention to the areas where cultural offering is most lacking. This approach enhances a sense of community and the emergence of cultural initiatives and productions, with constant renewal.

Our staff

Project and management
Laura Pisu

Scientific coordination
Marina Boetti, Michela Calledda, Dario Coletti, Luca Paulesu, Marco Peroni

Coordination of the organisational secretariat
Federica Pilia, Valeria Sanna

Staff of the secretariat
Virginia Abis, Cristina Maccioni, Andrea Pisu

Graphic design and communication
Stefano Asili, Angelo Monne

Workshops coordination
Claudia Castellano, Roja Ebrahimi, Barbara Manca

Photo reportages
Laura Marchiori, Vittorio Cannas

Press office and Social networks
Stella Sollai, Michela Calledda

Libreria Edumondo di Marina Boetti

Workshops staff
Stefania Battarino, Ottavia Pietropoli, Claudia Sedda, Rosangela Sedda, Sisinnia Soddu

About us

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