[vc_row disable_container=”” class=”” id=”” bg_color=”” font_color=”” bg_image=”” parallax=”” padding=”” margin=”” video_url=””][vc_column bg_image=”” class=”” id=”” bg_color=”” font_color=”” padding=”” width=”1/1″][wm_content_module count=”2″ columns=”2″ order=”old” tag=”project” align=”left” class=”module-no-shadow”][/wm_content_module][wm_divider appearance=”whitespace” space_before=”30″ space_after=”30″][wm_text_block]Books help us read the world is a mobile project for the promotion of reading, whose targets are originality and innovation for helping create a world of citizens/readers in which knowledge – both humanistic and technical – would be accessible to all and welcoming, able to bring any barriers down and enhance critical capacity and skill for decoding and interpreting what is happening before our eyes. A world in which widely-disseminated knowledge and information would guide the choices of daily, social and working life.

Our aim is to increase people’s familiarity with the practice of the reading and the valuable resources held in libraries, in order to enhance their human, professional, archival and book heritage, using the various languages of culture and arts and encourage various readings and interpretations of reality.

The general objective is to increase the number of readers and library-goers, through active involvement across all disciplines, stimulating motivation to read actively, for elevating people to the values of culture.

To this end, we propose a widespread programme for the promotion of reading, structured and consistent, which evolving thematic editions, and a dense network of national and international collaborations, runs though countries and cities off the beaten path, across all cultural and artistic disciplines, triggering virtuous reading mechanisms and focusing primarily on those persons who think they do not like reading.

Addressing the different fields of knowledge and arts, we can gradually discover the charm and pleasure of reading for its own sake, making a habit of thinking to books as a window on human imagination and knowledge, as a tool for reading the world.[/wm_text_block][/vc_column][/vc_row]